Our vision

Passion and Vision

It has always been Lyna’s dream to help and give something back to her people. Her passion corresponds fully with the vision of The Waymaker Trust which is “to see better opportunities for everyone” in Maraland particularly Mara women. Through her own struggles and experiences Lyna has a unique insight into the difficulties and injustices women can face in what is still a largely patriarchal society. One of the main aims of The Waymaker Trust is to develop, nurture and support the ‘family makers’ and its objectives can be summarized as follows; 

  • To encourage and empower women to fulfill their full potential through education, skills and livelihood training,
  • To build capacity and increase opportunities for women’s development in all Mara communities and to work towards the elimination of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and ill health,
  • To enhance economic opportunity and self-reliance amongst women and to end inequality and discrimination against women,
  • To strengthen and support local community partners with a view to improving the quality of life for everyone within the community.

The birth of the name Waymaker Trust

In Lyna’s own words; “I had never thought or even imagined of a name for this charity even after I was supporting 3 children in their studies but as I realised how important it was to share their amazing stories to others and to share my heart with them I tried to think of names. As I prayed to God my friends and I came up with so many names but I felt the real name had still not been revealed to me. Then when I was on my bed one night thinking and discussing again about a name I just sang out ‘WAY MAKER, MIRACLE WORKER’. My heart felt completely different and I told my friends I got it… it should be WAYMAKER, the one who makes a way for us when there seems no way! So I called this charity the WAYMAKER TRUST for God’s glory. I used to pray to God to give me someone who needs Him instead of me or anyone else so that I can be His instrument to show those people how much God can do for them and to show them that God is there for them all the time. Even when nobody else sees them, God sees them and their needs and He will make a way for them no matter what they have to face or go through”.